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Andreas Usenbenz is a self-taught artist who has been active in the field of field recording, composition, and improvisation since 2000. His creative work revolves around utilizing sounds from his immediate environment, which serve as the foundation for his compositions. With a focus on genres such as Drone Music, musique concr├Ęte, Ambient, and sound art, Usenbenz’s work is deeply connected to these expressive forms.

In 2010, he completed his studies as an audio engineer and has since established himself as a versatile professional in the fields of sound design, location sound recording, composition, and filmmaking for theater, museums, industry, and multimedia art projects. His range of work is incredibly diverse. Usenbenz has performed in concerts and live performances alongside renowned artists from the contemporary music, jazz, and electronic music scenes in Germany and Austria, often embracing improvised setups.

Furthermore, he has collaborated with various choreographers, providing musical accompaniment for contemporary dance performances. Additionally, Usenbenz has created several multichannel sound installations in Germany and Austria. His artistic output is represented through releases on his own label, (Klanggold Editions), various online and CD releases on Fassade, Tina, unfinfinished monkey records, tonAtom, Laridae, Sozialistischer Plattenbau, Aosmosis, Dinzu Artifacts.

Since 2021, Usenbenz has become a member of the multimedia art collective AUVIKOGUE, further expanding his collaborative endeavors in the world of artistic expression.

Since 2023, Andreas Usenbenz has been an active member of the AUVIKOGUE trio, where he delves into the acoustic possibilities of the double bass. In this context, the instrument serves primarily as a sound source for highly experimental techniques and preparations. Usenbenz explores unconventional methods of playing, pushing the boundaries of traditional bass playing to create unique and innovative sounds. His contributions to the trio involve exploring new sonic territories, experimenting with extended techniques, and pushing the limits of the instrument’s sonic potential. Through his innovative approach, Usenbenz adds an exciting and experimental dimension to the AUVIKOGUE trio’s performances.